About Us

On this page you can read a little bit about our kennel and me as a breeder.

I am Nataly Ylönen from Mikkeli, Finland and I am the one responsible for kennel Feliwing's. I got my kennel prefix in autumn 2017 and my first litter was born in July 2018. My goal is to breed Shelties that match the breed standard, but which you can also train in dog sports and show in conformation show with success. My ideal Shetland Sheeepdog would be healthy and beautiful to watch, have good nerves and he or she would move with gorgeous drive.

I am a bachelor of business administration student, but formerly I have finished business and dog grooming degrees. Despite my young age I have been able to gather lots of information and experience about animals but I am still not done with studying all about them. I am especially interested in dog's nutrition and health, socializing, genetics and training.

Because of the lack of time our only active hobby is dog shows (both in Finland and abroad), but sometimes we train to do some tricks, herding sheep and rally-obedience. Formerly I have trained agility with Osku.

Welcome to the webpage of kennel Feliwing's and I hope I hear more about you! 

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.