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Vuoden 2022 suunnitelmat

Vuodelle 2022 on suunnitteilla useampi soopelipentue sekä mahdollisesti myös tricolour- ja bluemerlepentue. Lisäksi suunnitteilla on pk collie -pentue alkuvuodelle – klikkaa linkkiä alla lukeaksesi lisää!

Etsin näyttelyistä ja/tai harrastuksista kiinnostuneita koteja pennuille sekä sijoituskoteja mahdollisille narttupennuille (myös omien pentueiden ulkopuoliset yhdistelmät). Lemmikkikoteja on jo tarpeeksi.

Alkuvuodesta syntyvä narttupentu etsii mahdollisesti sijoituskotia! Koti saisi olla mieluiten 100km säteellä Mikkelistä tai pk-seudulla.

All the puppies are sold to loving homes to bring happiness and joy for both everyday-life and hobbies. Shetland Sheepdog is an active breed so the dog needs more activation than just the daily walks outside. Puppies grow in the middle of our pack inside our house and they get to live normal life with normal sounds from the very first weeks of their life. They also get used to different kinds of people, sounds and bases under their paws even before they go to their new homes so they get the best starting point for their life as a full grown dog. Puppies get registered to Finnish Kennel Club (FCI) and they get microchipped and treated against worms. You will get lots of information and a comprehensive package of stuff and food when you buy a puppy from us.

I prefer to answer the puppy inquiries by email (kennelfeliwings(at)gmail.com) or for example Facebook private messages. From the future Feliwing's puppy owners I hope activity for official health examinations (hips, elbows, eyes, knees and back). I don't reserve puppies before they are born: I choose the right puppies for the right homes when the puppies are the age of few weeks so I can see how promising they are and what kind of temperament they have. I will of course accept puppy inquiries in advantage! I also prefer to meet the puppy buyers face to face before the puppies are born.

I am also looking for co-owners for female puppies constantly. Sometimes I have puppies even outside my own kennel looking for a (show) home. So if you are interested in some co-operation, contact me anytime!

Lue vinkit pennun hankintaan ja ota yhteyttä alla olevasta painikkeesta!

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.